Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All health information posted on the site is based on the latest research and national treatment standards and has been written or reviewed and approved by physicians or health professionals unless otherwise specified.

The information provided on www.aivaid.com is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between patient/site visitor and his/her physician. By accessing, browsing and/or using webpages or other digital content in this site, you accept, without limitation or qualification, the following terms of use.

1. Our Service incorporates all content on this website and the features we offer through it, including any assessments, are designed and intended to be used as an interactive information resource to help you make appropriate lifestyle and well-being choices and as a platform that facilitates the conduct of various medical tests, consultations and related services (the "Packages") offered by doctors, clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centers (the “Providers”) through the Site.

You hereby acknowledge that the information provided is to enable us to provide our services to you and you hereby give your consent to us to access the Service provided as we deem required in the provision of our services.. You should always seek the advice of your doctor if you have any physical or mental health concerns and before embarking on any new lifestyle or exercise regime.

2. Acceptance of Terms: These Terms & Conditions apply to all users of our Service. By registering to access our Service, you are agreeing to abide by these Terms & Conditions. You must complete the registration process to be able to access our Service.

3. Registration and Provision of Information: When you register to access our Service you will be asked to provide us with information about yourself. This information will be collected and used in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Policy, which forms part of these Terms & Conditions, and you agree that we may process the information you provide in the ways and for the purposes set out in our Privacy Policy.

In return for the opportunity to access our Service, you agree to provide us with true, accurate and complete information about yourself upon registration and at all other times and to abide by these Terms and Condition.

4. Automated Processing: As part of accessing the Service, you may be able to complete various surveys or tests in person and online to measure different aspects of your health and lifestyle.

The results of these tests or surveys are produced on an automated basis using aggregated statistical information giving generalized results for typical or average cases and are not in any way to be taken as a definitive diagnosis, advice or recommendation in any particular case. You shall be solely responsible for any decision you make and action you take based on such results. If you object to such results being produced on an automated basis you will be unable to access the Service.

5. E-mail Correspondence: As part of the Service, we may send you e-mails on various matters, including technical support, health & well-being encouragement, encouragement to use the Service, related health and wellbeing services from AI Vaid, our partners, and associates etc. We will not include sensitive personal data about you in these emails. You may e-mail us with technical support queries about the Service and to give us feedback on the Service by clicking here .

However, please note that we are unable to respond to e-mails on any other issues and cannot guarantee that your e-mails will be secure from interception by third parties. You should always refrain from including sensitive personal data in your e-mails. You agree we will not be liable for any unauthorized interception of your e-mails

6. You acknowledge and agree that AI Vaid cannot and does not guarantee against viruses, worms, or other unauthorized users or hackers attempting to obtain access to this website or information transmitted to or from this site.

7. Limitation of liability: In no event shall AI Vaid be liable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or monetary damages, including fees, and penalties in connection with your use of materials posted on this site or connectivity to or from this site to any other site.

8. User name and password: In the event you access any Service requiring a User Name and Password, you are solely responsible for keeping such User Name and Password strictly confidential.

9. Trademarks and copyrights: All trademarks, service marks, and logos or copyrights displayed and used in this site are the property of their respective owners. Nothing in this site should be construed as granting any right or license to use any Trademark without the written permission of its owner.

10. Privacy: Please read the full text of our Notice of Privacy Practices to understand how any Protected Health Information (“PHI”), as that term is defined in the Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPAA), that you submit via the AI Vaid will be treated.