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AI Vaid provides is a one-stop solution for all your healthcare problems. Get consultation and advice from best healthcare professionals. AI Vaid recommends you the most relevant practitioners based on your location and symptoms.

Healthcare solutions at your fingertips

Our primary goal is to provide each individual healthcare solutions that are easily accessible and cost-effective. Forget long queues and hefty fees charged by doctors as AI Vaid is providing you free consultation and checkups. Not only this, you will receive an instant report at the end of your checkup. As a patient, you will be benefitted from AI Vaid in following ways:

  • Easily check your health-related issues on the go
  • Book an appointment with your doctor
  • Helps you diagnose the diseases at an early stage
  • Generate instant reports and share with your physician
  • Get started with AI Vaid to avail these benifits now!
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Getting Started With Aivaid

Browse Aivaid App Online

CheckBrowse App :

Download AIVaid app from play store and you can browse on the internet. If you don’t have android or Apple IOS then you can directly access it from our website. You just need internet connectivity for this.

CheckRegister Account :

After successfully installation of the AIVaid app on your phone, open the application and choice the ☰ button in the top left hand corner. Select sign up and follow the registration process and instructions.

Booking An Appointment

CheckSelect A Treatment Type :

Practitioners across India have different treatment types and lengths of the appointment. Ensure selection of your treatment type which should be most appropriate for your requirements from the drop-down.

CheckChoose Appointment Time :

Our system will default to the first vacant appointment; although you can select the calendar to choose your favored date and time then click.

CheckPlace Your Booking :

Complete the information of booking process. As you’ve created an account we’ll remember this information for you to save time next for your next booking.

CheckConfirm Your Booking :

You will get all your appointment details on your screen. If these are accurate, then “Confirm Appointment” and it’s all locked in. In a short time, you will get an email with further confirmation of your appointment. Moreover an appointment reminder will also be sent out to you 3 hours before the appointment time.

How does it works ?

Using AI Vaid is as simple as it can get. All you need is a desktop, laptop or smartphone with internet connection. AI Vaid is designed keeping in mind the lehman user and the elderly persons that have little or no knowledge in accessing the websites.

AI Vaid will ask you simple questions. In the first step, your Body to Mass Index (BMI) will be calculated. In the next step, system will ask to select the body part you are having problem with. Next, it will ask you simple questions that will be regarding the symptoms you are having. And you are done! In the next page, you will get instant report based on your symptoms, probable diseases based on symptoms and doctor recommendations.

Why do I have to join ?

You will have access to some of the best medical pratitioners in the country. You can get instant health checkups on the go. Taking consultation from the doctor becomes easy as you can communicate with the doctor by text, audio or video chat. You can have a 24x7 access to your account and can communicate with you doctor anytime.

Why Join Aivaid ?

These days we want everything to be fast, simple, easily accessible and convenient. We also want that everything should be available at one place and reach to us within few seconds or within one click. Then, why wouldn’t you book your healthcare appointments the same way? Access to healthcare can be easier.

You can make all your healthcare appointments through any internet connected device, at any time of the day or night, with just a few clicks on

Healthcare in your pocket

It's never been easier to book your preferred doctor than with the Aivaid app!

Are you seeing your doctor for a daily check-up or a last-minute appointment, don’t worry, with AIvaid app, your doctor is permanently in your pocket.

Our app precedes everything great about the AIvaid website and squeezes it down into a mobile and tablet-sized package. With the help of this app, get easy access to your recommend doctors anywhere!

AN AIvaid app is easy to get for free download on all iOS and Android Phones, nevertheless if you’re not an IOS or Android user, don’t worry! You can get the new app experience on any mobile phone with a browser. You can directly access our website and save it to your bookmarks.


Although we recommend use of WIFI for the best possible experience, it is not required to use our service. As long as your connection is 3G or 4G, then you should be fine. If you do experience connection issues then you could connect to WIFI.

If you’re not satisfied with your Doctor, please feel free to contact our customer support team. They will definitely address all your issues and make you happy.

All our physicians are well skilled and licensed. We select the brightest and train them further to provide you the best possible experience.

Yes, our physicians can prescribe a wide range of drugs, which can be useful for infections, allergies, skin conditions, travel or sports injuries.

Your information is stored on our encrypted servers inside encrypted databases. Only strong-encryption APIs may access the data via our mobile application. Privacy is our top most priority and we ensure this with world class security.

If your health plan has a relationship with us, we will submit claims on your behalf directly to them. Check with your HR or benefits department, or your health plan, to see whether your plan comes under this category.

We currently support Android and iOS enabled devices. This includes tablets, as well as smartphones. For Android, you must have Android 4.0.3 or newer to install our app For iOS, you must have iOS 6 or 7 installed. Additionally, your iPhone must be a model 4S or newer.

Android Instructions: Go to SETTINGS Select ABOUT PHONE (typically at the bottom) The version of Android your device is running will be displayed next to ANDROID VERSION iOS Instructions: Go to SETTINGS Select GENERAL Select ABOUT The version of iOS your device is running will be displayed next to VERSION

Once you have logged into the app, please click on the “profile” icon, which is at the bottom of the screen. From this screen, you can edit your Account and Payment information.

Manage your care online

A healthy body makes a healthy mind. Most of the people are unaware how important it is to take good care of your health. But due to the busy schedule, and lack of exercise, it may be hard sometimes to take care of your health. AI Vaid is an online solution for all your health-related problems.

The vast majority of patients want to manage their healthcare online such accessing medical information, booking appointments online. But due to lack of awareness and good software solutions, it could not be possible.

AI Vaid has come up with the solution for the problem. With the help of AI Vaid, you can not only check your health, you can also monitor your daily reports in the form of SMS/Email alerts.

Login To Patient Portal

AI Vaid is an online platform where millions of patients and doctors meet. AI Vaid is one of its kind platform that provides online healthcare solutions at one place. You can manage your healthcare online in the following ways:

What is available in patient portal ?
  • AI Vaid provides you instant health checkup based on your symptoms any time any place.
  • AI Vaid helps you manage your reports online. There is no need to carry a hard copy of reports anymore. Share reports online with your doctor via Email.
  • Emergency health alert in case of the severe medical condition. Immediate doctor consultation is needed in case of emergency.
  • Get the medicinal alert notifications based on your symptoms.
  • AI Vaid keeps your reports confidential and secure as we respect your privacy.
  • It recommends you specialty doctors based on your symptoms, locations, and availability.
  • Book appointments with your doctor online.
  • Video chat /voice chat with your doctor for better consultation.
  • AI Vaid is free of cost and does not charge any fees.
  • 24x7 customer support to answer all your queries and issues.

View, Download, Transmit Health Information

Review Visit Summaries

With the Patient Portal, you also have access to all of your patient specific education materials, all in one place.

Primary Care Patients :

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Patient/Visitor Guide

Aivaid App

You can download this app from play store and iTunes. By accessing this app you would get your virtual doctor at home within few seconds. Moreover you can get an instant diagnosis report also at free of cost.

Get the aivaid app
Why choose Aivaid

These days we want everything to be fast, simple, easily accessible and convenient. We also want that everything should be available at one place and reach to us within few seconds or within one click. Then, why wouldn’t you book your healthcare appointments the same way? Access to healthcare can be easier.

Learn Why

AiVaid secure and safe application. This includes your physical safety as well as protecting you from inadvertent exposure to hazardous materials and wastes, minimizing the risk of hospital-borne infections and ensuring that our hospital is prepared for any emergency or disaster.

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Technology used/Our Training model


While building AI Vaid, we have taken utmost care while choosing the right technology for the application. The thorough and rigorous research was done by our expert technical teams and data scientists in choosing the best technology. AI Vaid is built using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms which makes it one of its kind solution in healthcare domain.

AI Vaid is made keeping in mind the end user. We have taken into consideration the problems faced by end users. Good user experience and ease of access were our prime focus and this makes AI Vaid stand out from the crowd.


AI Vaid is a team of people who believe in numbers. We know that by exploiting data in the right way we can influence the most important area of our lives – our health. Our work focuses on digitizing the process of diagnosing illnesses. Working together with doctors and using machine learning we are creating a digital reflection of medical knowledge.

We are also building artificial intelligence algorithms that can exploit this knowledge and draw conclusions. Our artificial intelligence diagnostic engine can be integrated into 3rd party products or services such as electronic health records or mobile health applications.We are teaching systems to diagnose illnesses.

Health Information

What is health information ?

The data related to patient’s past medical history including procedures, symptoms, diagnoses and outcomes is known as health information. Health information records also includes x-rays, lab results, MRI, CRI, clinical information and doctor notes.

Health information management deals with collecting, storing and analyzing the patient informations. This information can be paper-based or in digital form. A patient’s health information can be viewed individually to get an insight of patient’s health or it can be seen as a whole as a part of big dataset to analyze the entire population’s statistical data.

Health information professionals make use of latest technologies, management skills and clinical knowledge. Doctors nowadays are largely dependent upon the information provided by health information professionals. They also make sure that patient’s information is correct, complete and protected. Health information includes:

  • History of patient’s data
  • Lab results- X-Rays, MRI scans, blood tests
  • Doctor’s notes
  • Past diseases and allergies
Why Choose a Career in Health Information?

If you want to join healthcare domain as a career option, then health information management is the right option for you. Health Information Management professionals interact with doctors, patients, physicians and insurance companies.

Career growth and stability :

Healthcare jobs are one of the most demanding jobs. The demand for healthcare professionals is growing faster than the average of all other occupations. Healthcare Information is a constantly evolving job profile that makes is an exciting career choice.

Better earnings :

Health information management is an ever-changing and exciting career. There is a huge demand for HIM professional that makes it one of the best paying jobs in the market. The more training and certification will enable you to earn more. The earning and growth potential of health information management is better than many fields.

Make a difference in people’s life :

As a health information management professional, you have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s life. You will impact the lives of patients, individuals, and families. Your work will be playing a major role in the patient’s well-being. So while earning decent money you can have job satisfaction also.

Job security :

As a health information management professional, you will enjoy job security. The demand for HIM professional has increased in the past few years. Moreover, in the years to come, jobs in this profile is estimated to increase more than any other industry.

Fast Paced and exciting :

If you want an exciting and fast-paced career, health information management of for you. Introduction of latest trends and technologies in this field keeps thing exciting. You will be dealing with new patient cases every day that will require your expertise, giving you new scenario every day.

Patient Rights

AiVaid shows deep respect towards our patient rights. As a patient, it is your right and responsibility to be participated in every decisions and responsibilities that revolves around your care and treatment. If you are incompetent to do so, then your privileges can be officially transported and used by someone that you designate to mark choices for you when you are temporarily incapacitated.

Pateint Rights

Being a patient, you have following rights:

  • Impartial right to get medical treatment or accommodations, irrespective of race, national origin, religion, physical handicap or source of payment.
  • For any emergency medical condition that will decline, if treatment is not provided.
  • You must know who is providing you medical services and who is responsible for the care.
  • Request notification of a family member or representative and your own physician promptly upon admission to the hospital.
  • Security of your need for confidentiality and to obtain care in a safe setting.
  • Full security for your health information.
  • Access to your medical record to get the valuable information.
  • Knowledge about rules and regulation of the patients conduct.
  • Access protective and advocacy services.
  • Have the hospital address you or your family’s concerns or complaints about your care or services provided.
Patient Responsibilities

As a patient you are responsible for:

  • Reporting unpredicted variations in your condition to your healthcare provider.
  • Taking responsibility for your actions if you refuse treatment or do not follow the healthcare provider’s instructions.
  • Assuring that the financial obligations of your healthcare are fulfilled as promptly as possible.
  • Following the healthcare facilities’ rules and regulations affecting patient care and conduct.
  • Reporting to your physician whether you comprehend a planned course of action and what is expected of you.
  • Declaring that the financial responsibilities of your healthcare are satisfied as promptly as possible.